Poop Panyhose

Big One Special For Me!

Listen, I’m already tired of writing a description for the videos, I admit honestly, I really love shit and just can not resist when from my ass comes out a fragrant sausage. After my previous video, I still have a HUGE piece of delicious shit that I love to play with so much!) If you like to watch me play with my shit and pens, then prepare for the crazy scat show!) Follow the updates, love you!)


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Sinnamon’s Growth And Development!!

Running this site it’s been amazing to watch my shy amateurs evolve in to great EFRO performers. Watching them grow is a thrill. In some cases both literally and figuratively Speaking!! I swear to Goodness Sinnamon is growing in more ways than one with each new clip she sends me!! This girl’s body is just like WOW!! She’s a thicker version of her girl Sparkle, and it’s as if over the past year she has gotten bigger and better in all aspects!! Bigger ass, Bigger Loads, Bigger tits, Better quality videos, Better angles, just everything bigger and better!! ENjoy another FUNKY dozen minutes of Ass Shaking, peeing and HUGE plops!! I swear she is getting in the running for biggest turd dropper of all the Funky Ladies!! Another Great collection of 5 new bigger and better clips!!