Poop Period Piss

Can’t Hold Any Longer

I was due to use a toilet slave but sadly I couldn’t hold any longer. I had planned to film with him but hadn’t even had a chance to set up when this happened. Thank goodness for smart phones. I was truly desperate at this point. It was such a relief when I finally went.

Crazy Chick 3

2 Clips in 1. The Crazy Chick is back with more poop action. In the first scene, she squats over a toilet and pushes out a thick log. Nice plop sound as it hits the water. The second scene shows a nice close up of her shitting on a plate.

Sparkle’s Wiggles And Wobbles!!

Sparkle is back with another great set!!! Enjoy as she shakes, jiggles, grunts, strains, pees, plops, and plain old has fun!!! Enjoy a great mix of at home and public clips as she delivers her usual FUNKY action!!! Four Great clips of perhaps the most popular FUNKY lady right now!!

My Slave Must Lick Up Shit And Gets Whipped

My slave must lick up shit and gets whipped