Poop Pretty Blonde

My First Shit Eater

After years of using subs, I finally found one who was ready to give me the ultimate level of servitude and eat my shit right from the hole! He started off by drinking every drop of my golden piss stream and then moved his mouth under my asshole so I could push my soft, lumpy shit right into his mouth. He tried to keep up, but I had been holding this load all morning and it came pouring out of my ass faster than he could swallow it! When we were done, my ass cheeks were a mess, so he pulled off his mask and licked my clean and buried his tongue deep inside my asshole to get the last few tasty bits!

Happy Shitbunny Challenge

Hello my darlings!) Want to watch me eat a marshmallow with my favorite sauce!? Maybe you want also to watch how I PREPARE this sauce?) Then this video is for you!) I am eating a delicious marshmallow with chocolate from my ass) I am so much excited when I made this Breakfast!) It is a pity my husband doesn’t want to try the taste!( How about you!? Taste my chocolate sauce?

Loosing Scat Virginity. Part 1

Introducing: Matilda and Amelia.Faces are hidden only in the preview pictures, in video there are no censorship.Hi everyone, it is Matilda, and here is what happened with me. My friend – Amelia never knew that I love filthy sex and scat, she always was vanilla person and seriously saying I was scared to share with her my filthy fantasies, and to tell her how our company spend time.. But several days ago she came to my place and while I was not in the room she took my laptop and ocasionally found our videos.I was absolutely shocked and surprised, but most of all I was surprised by her reaction. She told me that she wants to get involved to be part of this too and to get her first scat experience to the camera.So, the video you are going to watch is literary her first experience with shit play and her first experience in recording for the camera. Double loosing of virginity so to say.And this video – it is very horny. Horny as hell.So watch yourself.Kisses.Matilda and Amelia