Poop Shit Mess

2in1: Shitting From The Bed – Shitting Into The Toilet

Not 1 but 2 clips for you in this video! In the first one I take a creamy shit from my bed and in the second one you can watch me from behind taking a shit on the toilet!

Rosella Chocolate Biscuits! Special Biscuits Baked For A Fan!

Here I baked special chocolate cookies for a big fan of mine! Since my fan, of me, wanted to have cookies, which I refined with my Rosella chocolate! No problem, so I baked cookies for my fan and then shit on these biscuits and pissed on it! So that the cookies were nicely finished with shit and my piss. Afterwards I sent the biscuits, my fan, in a package, by mail, home!

Dominant Kinky Black Nurse 1.

A sexy Black Mistress dressed in a nurses outfit and her Black girlfriend dominate and have some kinky fun with there male slave.The sexy nurse fucks her male slave with a strap on, then pisses in the slaves mouth, she uses nipple claps, and tortures his hard cock, as both mistresses slap and abuse the slave. The Black Mistress sits on the slaves face smothering him with her beautiful black arse, while he worships her arsehole, then the Mistress gets out a huge black cock for the slave to suck, and she fucks him with it, followed by more spitting over his face and having the slave drink her piss.