Poop Spreading

Dildo Poo

British girl starts by doing a long piss in the toilet, then does a huge shit on to a tray. She plays with her dirty asshole with a small dildo.Talking throughout the video.

Kidnapping, Slave Tie And Tease And Champagne & Kaviar By Mistress Antonella

After his kidnapping, the slave is attached to undergo tie and tease by Mistress Antonella…She is giving sniff to her slave, and then excites him with positions sensual and lascivious and undresses herself slowly for him, before to offer to him, her champagne and caviar as a reward supreme.

Preparing Someone Dinner

Before recording I made sure I pissed. I pulled out my bathroom bowel and took a nice big poop. It was a before poop and smell slightly sweet. Next I showed my creation off before bagging it to fill an order.


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