Poop Toilet Video

Sunny Day

a beautyful sunny day and a girl is alone at home ..;-)

Shit Filled Shorts!

I must have been in such a hot mood today cos as soon as I felt the need to poop I got extremely turned on, and just knew I had to do it in my pants!I could feel myself needing to go so badly but decided to play with myself a little first. The needing to go and knowing what I’m going to do is a real turn on for me and something that has my pussy dripping wet before I’ve even touched myself. It’s amazing how just the thought of filling my pants is enough to make my pussy all pink and swollen!I pulled my jeans down to my knees and rubbed my pussy, teasing my poopy into thinking I was going to let it out. I pushed it out just enough that it can be seen poking in to my panties, and then I stopped. I then gave another little push, this time making a waterfall of hot pee run through my panties, splash on to my bed and jeans and leaving a puddle between my legs. Mmmm – I love wetting when there is poop about to come out!I then pulled my tight jeans back up until they were all snugly around my bottom, and got onto on my hands and knees ready to let myself go and be dirty in my pants. By this time I was desperate and the mess quickly began to fill my panties, making my jeans bulge out!Slipping my hand inside my jeans and panties I masturbated my dripping pussy. I tell you what a dirty girl I am for pissing and pooping in my pants, and this just gets me turned on even more! I masturbate in lots of different positions, giving you looks at my dirty jeans and panties from every angle, until I can hold back no longer, and explode in to an almighty orgasm!Feeling VERY satisfied and pleased with myself for what I’ve done, I then go to the bathroom, take off my dirty panties and dump the huge load down the toilet. When I realize how messy I am I attempt to clean up with a wash cloth, but I soon realize that a full shower is the only way I’m going to get cleaned up this time!

Diana Piss For Money

Rich swiss slave pays Diana for being allowed to drink her godesses piss!

Beautiful In A Smoking Break Shitting

With a smoking break I got this shit again. Shit in my living room on the floor and then lick yet delicious butt.