Poop With Food

Runny Princess Debut !!!

This is the juciy Runny Princess . She is busy on her way all the time and can’t always afford to cook, and what can then be better than Spanish food near the corner ! Fast in Fast OUT!

Mistresses Punish Playboy By Puking And Pissing At Him! – Full Movie

They discovered that they’ve been played by this playboy and they are not going to take this sitting down! So they invited him over and threatened to tell his shit to his wife if he didn’t do their bidding! The poor fellow had no choice but to strip naked and get what’s coming to him! They take turns spitting on his mouth. They placed a funnel on his mouth, peed on it, and make him drink all the golden goodness!

Driver Gets To Taste Rich Girl’s Puke And Shit! – Part 3

She pukes all over the man’s face and chest then she she shifts positions and squats her fine ass on top of his face. She ejects slushy feces on top of his puked-filled face and mouth!