Poop With Sex

Preparing A Drink For My Slave – Wmv

My slave likes coke but even more he likes it when it`s mixed with my pee. I allowed him to watch me while I`m preparing a juicy and delicious drink for him.

Alina Unloaded A Large Pile Of Shit On The Slave’s Chest And Fed

Alina unloaded a large pile of shit on the slave’s chest and fed. What can be more delicious for a toilet slave than a huge pile of smelly shit from Alina? Only morning shit from Alina! Alina feeds the slave from the spoon, and the slave eats with pleasure every last drop of smelly morning shit!

Monster Shit Sausage For The Slave Under The Toilet Chair! Part 2

Part 2: Here I have one of my toilet slaves, which was below the toilet chair and there had to sleep, a monster shit ausage, shitting in his mouth, in my morning, toileting! During the record-breaking shit sausage plopped into his mouth, I had to pee and also I pissed him doing well in his mouth. Thereafter, the slave had to eat completely the big shit sausage. He was then totally exhausted, had to almost throw up and was close to fainting! This perverse mouth shit and shit-eating video, you can see from 3 camera angles!

Another Woman For Her Scat! – Part 2

She squats over my face and unloads wet and yellowish scat all over me. I take it all in and let her smear the sticky shit all over my face!