Pooping All Day

Mistress Roberta – Cbt, Wax Play And Feeding

Today my pot i going to suffer first before being feed so first we have some cbt, i tie his cock and balls and put some wax on his cock and balls, i take some nipple clamps and put them on also i whip him a bit with the mini flogger and after all his pain and my fun i take the toilet sit and shit in his mouth an strong shit and pee on his neck, after i gather all that pee in the tissue i used to wipe and put the pee in his mouth too feeding him with a nice cocktail and push it down his troat with my hand, enjoy!

Female Slave Vomits While Being Fed With Her Feces!

In this situation, this female slave doesnÂ’t get fed! Instead, she is handed with a plate and is ordered to defecate on it! After which, her feces is powerfully stuffed inside her mouth! Immediately, she vomits everything out! Not wanting it to be fed with it again, she squishes and smears it all over her body! Eventually, she is handed with a vibrator and made to masturbate! The only time she is allowed to stop is after she reaches orgasm and squirts!

Mistress Roberta – Smelly And Tasty Diarrhea For Breakfast-pov

Today i will do for you my toilet slave an smelly and tasty diarrhea even if is not so big will be very tasty so i will sqeeze it out as good as i can not before peeing a bit of course and this is a small but tasty breakfast for today but as always you will not eat if you didnt clean well my ass hole.

Mistress Roberta – Shit In Pee Soup For Breakfast Pov

Today your breakfast is very delicious but mixed in the toilet first you will see the pee soup your shit is sink and you will have to fish it out with your tongue so enjoy this breakfast slave .