Pooping Anal Sexcapades

Diarrhea Cock Blown Off

Here is a nice video from the holiday we had such a diarrhea it was like water and it smelled very strict but it was a lot of fun to play with it

The Monster Sausage Must Go

I think zhis is the biggest sausage i have shitting in last time!! You can see very good on my rosette,a very good POV camera Position…..Then i must so much press and the asshole must so opening for the big and long shit….slowly comes the monstersausage out….wow,ant you clean my floor? Can you eat so much shit?

Extreme Champagne Shower For User Siebyman!

The User Siebyman wanted to taste my delicious champagne. So I met with him and pissed him a tremendous amount of pee in his mouth. That was so much he had to swallow, would be almost impossible to come to, but he did it and swallowed everything away. And because it tasted so good to him, he has followed, still licking my pussy clean!