Pooping And Squirting


Creamy play and a dirty dildo ,-)

Slave Slurpped The Poop! – Full Movie

The girls run a legitimate operation – they provide willing slaves to clients who take pleasure from domination. You can see right now how they train their slaves. The boys are chained and restrained to the floor or under slave toilets. The girls take turns squatting over each boy’s head and make them take as much piss and shit as they can. They run a tight ship and they make sure that they boys will obey anything and eat all the scat that comes with the job.

Icing On The Cake

I got one of those little fudge cakes and it looked so dry and crusty, I decided to make it more yummy for my sub! I took a nice warm shit all over the top and sprinkled it with hot pee too so it would be yummy and moist! Eat up!