Pooping Cartoon

Broken Toilet 32 – New Toilet Chair

Forget the new outfit, even forget the new sexy brown boots I LOVE. Consider the fact that this must be the longest creamy turd I ever pushed out of my ass down a slave’s throat that still managed to fill his mouth that the rest of the turd folded into a pile on top of his shit filled mouth and you’ll know why I loved this production.I visited family for a few days and as we all know I hate shitting in regular bathroom toilets. So despite my own discomfort I held it in for several days. I’m so full, gassy and bloated that my slave had to lick my very unwashed ass first.I don’t know why but this seem to give me the best and most satisfying orgasms. I don’t even care anymore, let it be filmed and let you all see it. It feels simply too good to care. After I made my slave lick my ass so I could spent a long time in a constant state of high arousal and orgasm I can feel the “bubbles” of my bloated bowels worked loose. Watch in close view how my asshole opens up as a loud “PFFFFFFFTTTTTT” fart is blown directly into the camera and microphone, you’ll even get to see my face from the second angle of filming. Now watch me push out the longest creamy turd directly from my ass down my slave’s throat, so long that it still managed to fold into a pile on top of his shit filled mouth. (Filmed from two angles, the second angle close so you don’t miss any detail) Life simply can’t get any better…

282. Milano: Ultimate Turd

282. My last turd in Milaan, this is the last 30 minutes of a long video, here you can find umiliation, fetish, spitting, pissing, scat and eating. Smoking fetish too….. Because I’m too busy I have not time to upload all my videos but i will do…. wait for me!Mp4 by Mistress Isabella.The date on the clip is not correct, is a clip of october 2017

Dominating Mistress Drenches Slaves With Piss, Puke, And Scat! – Part 2

She rubs her ass on their faces and make them eat her orifices. She blows snot and spits on their faces, making them feel like the dirty pathetic slave that they are!