Pooping Cat Shit

Mistress Roberta -bamboo Canning And Feeding

Today my greedy slave will pass trough pain to be feed and it will be fun for me and painful for my pot . First i feed him from my toes with chocolate so he can think everything is fine and will be a good day after i do some face sitting and take the small baboo cane and hit him all over his body starting with the nipples and finishing with the inner tights and his chastity after i pee on his body and poop in his mouth a huge piece of shit and i also wipe my ass and pussy and shove the paper in his mouth and with the cane in my hand after i covered his head wth pantyhose mask to hold the shit in his mouth i order him to eat all and hit him to do it, enjoy!

Satin Ladies Bitch Pissing Part 2

Chick Pissing Bowl Pot Erotic Fashion Piss Ideas

Ms Jenkins’ Heavy Loads!!

I swear one of the ladies I get the most mail about is Ms Jenkins! Nobody betta not talk about my Ms Jenkins ! This girl and that juicy ass of hers got em going crazy!! Her clips are STRAIGHT ACTION!! Enjoy as she delivers another FUNKY half dozen clips loaded with peeing and the heavy loads of shit I mentioned in the title!! Nothing like seeing and hearing these loads shoot out her ass!! It was five mostly heavy loads of solids with one GREAT diarrhea clip included!! Her groans as the bubbleguts shoot out her ass will make it HARD for you not to blow your load too!