Pooping Compulation

Huge Smelly Shit For Dirty Pig

Hey, Stupid Pig! Tell me what you want from your Mistress. Although I don’t care, you just have to fulfill my whims and please my lust, you are a toy for my pleasure. And just like that you must be my toilet! ? In fact, I bet my shit turn you on! They do, don’t they, you pervert? Well you’re in luck, this thick fat shit is just FULL of your desire! Well now clean up my butthole! So dirty and smelly, just like you like, dirty pig! See closely at my fragrant shit. So delicious… My shit has a different color and undigested pieces of food (grapes, seeds, tomatoes). You have to eat every last bit! So I want to!

Piss In The Break 01 Nikki

Princess Nikki and Princess Mini are shooting a very hard face slaping and spiting wish clip. Watch a while the princesses doing it. Then we have to break becuse Nikki have to pee. Why waste time for a walk to a toilet. She just piss in slaves mouth, then Mini is loughing about what an idiot the slave is while he is cleaning the room.really cruel humilation

An Early Morning Funk

Come see me in my morning shit, kill