Pooping Cuock In Ass

How To Eat My Shit

Today your Scat Mistress is dressed in a pair of very tight latex pants and has a very warm gray sweater. She tells you some sweet words … then the situation changes … she takes off the sweater and shows you a cross bra completely made of latex. A very sadomasochism outfit. You remain speechless … immediately puts her big ass in your face and moves it up and down inside these latex pants that make you crazy … then she take them off your and push … a big piece of shit falls to the ground with a lot of pee … she turn around and put the pants back on and still move her perfect ass up and down while teaching you to chew her shit …. and eat that piece of poo entirely chewing it in front of your face … you like it … why do not you come on her dirty tongue?

Mistress Gaia – Total Wc Under Throne

In order to receive my divine shit, this worm accepts to be massacred on his cock … when I will be satisfied, the reward will be great, he will taste My shit and eat it completely!

Mistress Roberta – Breakfast On The Floor -pov

Today i have prepared a big breakfast for you my toilet slave but you will serve it directly from the floor i will pee first on the paper on the floor and shit after that on it and save the paper for you with the shit and pee inside

Japanese Chair Young Dominas Style Part 4

Girls Uses Man