Pooping Disatster

Shit Birthing It’s Difficult

I feel the need to poop – I wink my butthole at you again and again, then suddenly, I can’t contain it anymore, before I know it my shit is already pushed its way out of my ass! Here’s your meal! Wow! But before I let you chow down my shit– you must clean my ass with your tongue, baby! And be carefull – don’t get me dirty! I don’t want to stink crap like you, loser! Bye!

Mistress Gaia – My Wc Trampled

CUSTOM REQUEST – While I crush this revolting worm by climbing on his chest with my bare feet, I fill that toilet mouth with my exquisite shit. What a lucky slave! Crushed by the divine weight of his Mistress while acting as a toilet. The maximum possible reward for an asshole like this one!

Lady Amy + Lady Grace Power Of Ladies P6

Now the camera woman Mistress Michelle has to pee and use the human toilet. The slave swallow now the good yellow colored pee from her third Mistress. After that the Ladies are spitting on the floor that the slave has to lick up. Mhh, delicious thick, how tasty is it?

Pb & Poop Sandwich!

OK guys, I decided to make a tasty treat which I’m sure you would love! Watch as I take a huge dump on a plate and proceed to make a delicious Peanut Butter & Poop sandwich…won’t you love to sink your teeth into that!