Pooping Enama

Mistress Roberta -my Birthday-your Present-pov

Today is my birthday and i prepared a nice surprise for you first i eat alot so i can give you a fat creamy shit, some pee as always, and lick clean my ass after i poop and only after you can eat your present, bon apetit!

He Eats Piss, Shit, Puke For Pleasure! – Full Movie

He doesn’t need to do it. He just loves to eat whatever bodily fluids and wastes that comes out of the human body. No kidding. He makes his girl piss all over him and then she unloads a solid clump of shit right into his mouth! She draws up puke from her throat and blows it all over his body!

On Vacation Hotel Phonecam Pees #2

Another trip to my hotel bathroom, recording myself while the friends I’m staying with have no idea…