Pooping End Fuck In The Same Time

Scat Domination Session 02

Second clip. Mistress Sabina was dressed in black high-heel shoes, a black latex skirt and a black leather top. Mistress approach the male slave and walking around him, spitting at him and gave him a lot of verbal domination. Then goddess make him lick her shoes before she disappears. When she came back, she filled her slave with a pile of caviar. Mistress was happy of using her human toilet which must not waste anything.

Scat Cats 03

What a meal! Lokks like chilli con carne, but tests better!The Cat shits a big big mountain of shit in a plate, take the plate in cats hands and feeds the slave with all the yummy creamy shit! He has never eat so much shit in his life!Dirty Talk but in German


Margo is hot spreading her hole real wide, farting and pooping naughty!