Pooping Farting Cat Shit

Two Scat Slaves

I have two hungry scat slaves lying on the ground, waiting for their daily feeding! But no meal before I have had some fun.. So I tease them a lot with my sexy ass, and shove my shoes in their pathetic faces.I hoover over them, and let them smell their source of food, before I fill their toilet mouths with a lot off piss.Then it is time for some food, and I put a big log in both their mouths, make them eat their food, and leave them until I am back from my party!

Sable’s Thanksgiving Creamy, Funky Leftovers!!

Sable is back with two of her creamiest loads yet!!! She was going out for a date the day after Thanksgiving and sent me this plate of her leftovers to enjoy!!! Enjoy as she gets more kinky than she ever has in these short but action packed scenes!! She was getting ready for a date and was feeling horny already, then she got that bubbling feeling in her stomach as well!! So enjoy as she unloads not only two FUNKY piles, but a ton of Creamy discharge from her wet pussy as well!! Oh Baby she is really getting into EFRO!! I love it!!!

Femdom Piss Party 03

Princess Nikki invited her Princesses friends again to help her humilate a slave. Princess Crazy Coco came with a very shy girl from her school class. She teach her how to treat pice of sht man. Princess Nikki and Princess Lia have a lot of fun with the situation. All princesses humilate the slave beyond any limits. They spit at him let him lick the shoes, slap his face, let him lick the assholes.Princess Crazy Coco even allows him some almost sexual contact by giving him a taste of a blowjob!Dont miss it its hot and real, no script, just femdom party!-ass worship-pussy worship-shoe worship-foot worship-face slaping-spitting-human asthry-teasing-humilation-dirty talk-Princess Nikki-Princess Crazy Coco (new)-Princess Lia (new)-shy girl AND A LOT OF PISS DRINKING!!!!