Pooping Fat Women

Mistress Roberta – High Heels To Suck Clean, Ass To Lick And Breakfast-pov

Today i took my sexy mini dress and high heels shit over the massage table and pee and after i decided to smear first the high heels for you to suck them clean, i take the shit in my hand to smear the sides of the high sole of the shoes, for you to lick it clean, my ass is also smeared form all the movements while shitting so i give it to you also to lick clean, and after all this teh shitty left overs are waiting you on the table so bon apetit.

Injured Girls Shit On Master!

The man has a sick fetish; it’s not enough that a girl shits on or for him. The girls should be injured, preferably in casts. It’s the idea of helplessness that gives him a hard-on. So now this girl is on the floor and her arms and legs are in casts. With no way to go to the bathroom by herself, she has no choice but to shit on the floor, much to her master’s delight. He scoops her shit from the floor and rubs them on his face, covering his face with disgusting scat mask.

Spy Cam Catches Women Shitting Cluelessly In Public Toilets!

Public restrooms are so common in the city that women have no qualms going there to take a dump. What they didn’t know is that some of these restrooms have spy cams in there, waiting to record women in the act of unloading their shit. Everyday, the cam sees types of asses and different types of scat being unloaded into the toilet bowls. Maybe you can look for this spy cams and check out all the scatting action!

Mistress Gaia – The Perfect Shit For A Toilet-slave

A video short and ‘cheap’, but intense: suitable for a beast like you! A fast paced shit only, but you will see it coming out of my ass with close shots and you will enjoy to die for! And in the end, there’ll be also a nice piss, do you like? My shit exquisite and fragrant in a little pond of pee …. eh eh eh eh