Pooping Girl Farts

Shitting In Mouth Slavegirl In Woods

I like to walk in the woods and use slaves in nature. Slave knowing this tried to Dodge, but she failed! I whipped her good and shat her in the mouth. How she squirmed trying to spit, but I made her eat all my shit. She will learn a lesson for a long time!

Mistress Anita Feeding A Toilet After Vacation

Goddess Anita was back from another vacation and she was filming her first clip, by herself, Her phone was put upside down, and she will learn soon how to record her movies better:) Action is with full toilet with a new toilet slave. Price reduced because of her Mistress mistake with image.

Scat For Maisy

Maisy is dirty and they like piss and shit. They play with it and it takes not only cocks in his mouth. No, piss and shit. Do not miss. Must see.

Bbw Wedding Night Toilet Slave Poop

It’s our wedding night, and I am dressed in sexy lingerie. But before we consummate the marriage, I tell you we have to get a few things straight about our life together. Because I’m not taking you just as a husband . . . I also intend to turn you into my toilet slave.Won’t that be fun? I explain to you how it is now your responsibility to follow me each time I need to use the toilet, to kneel in front of me, stroke my thick thighs and kiss and lick my bountiful belly and tits, as I empty my bowels and bladder into the bowl. And then follows your most important job: to thoroughly clean every golden drop off my pussy and all the chocolately goodness from my gorgeous ass.Of course, when we’re out, I’ll expect you to perform the same service for me in public restrooms. And sometimes when we’re at home, I’ll simply dispense with the bathroom entirely and use your body as my toilet, having you devour my sweet chocolate straight into your mouth…filling it and your nostrils with the smell. And that, of course, is the point: I intend to train you to associate the scent and taste of my shit with sexual fulfillment.As I tell you about my plans for our married life, I’ve been undressing and tempting you with my body, until I finally turn over on all fours, invite you to kneel behind me and dump a fat load of my divine shit in a pile on the floor. The glazed look in your eyes and the bewildered smile on your face tells me that you’ll be as obedient as I desire, and I reward you with our first martial fuck….right over my steaming pile….all with the scent of my shit filling every breath you take 😉