Pooping Girl In Mouth


An explosive poop makes a huge mess of the tripod below!Multiple angles. Close-up ending.

My Shit Is Your Reward!

I think you have done a good job my slave! The house is clean, so you deserve a little reward. I know you desire my precious champagne, so get under me and get ready to drink every precious little drop that comes out of my beautiful pussy! This is your desired reward for a job well done! But I have more for you! You need to eat to, so get ready to eat my shit little worm. This is your meal today, because I expect you to do more work! To work well you need to eat, and my shot is full of energy for you! So eat all my gifts my little toilet!


Hot pooping in tight pantyhose,fucking ass in nice dress!

Mistress Gaia – Fresh Salad Topped

Back home after a day’s work, your Mistress is not at all happy with the lunch that you have prepared for Her. In particular, the salad is literally uneatable! But nothing can be lost: now She will take care of prepare the salad as it must be and, this time, you will be the one who will eat it!