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Ms D Spreading Her Winking Browneye!!

Ms D Continues our Hump Day mega ASSault!! Enjoy these three Ass spreading, Snake spewing, Funky ass clips!! Enjoy as she does her usual ploptastic work!! Even get to enjoy as other women come in a goe alongside Ms D as she spreads her big juicy ass right in front the camera showing the snakes squeezing out her hole!! Enjoy her usual Grunting and straining action which personally drives me CRAZY!!! There is nothing hotter than hearing a woman strain monsters out her ass!!! Ms D is one of my five favorite Funky ladies as she is consistently ASStonishing!!

Shit With White Patent Leather Shoes

My wife loves her new white patent leather shoes… she uses her new shoes with poop and pee.

Birthday Shit!

It was my birthday a few days ago and I had so much fun!!! Got lots of presents and I thought I would also give you guys a present 😉 Watch me take a big shit in my gift bag complete with balloons and all!!! Wish me Happy Birthday 😉

Bucket Pee At The Warehouse – Danielle Reid

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