Pooping Girlspanty Poopants

One Slave Swallow Our Shits

Very great video!!! Princess Adelina and Princess Alexandra used his toilet slave together! Both of them shit in his mouth and the slave swallow everything and thanks them. They both are gorgeous and the slave is well-trained toilet! Maybe they will use him again or maybe they will replace him with you! Today is a special day… if you are a toilet I mean. This lucky pig is given a once in a lifetime treat- serving as a full toilet for ME, and another Goddess friend of mine. You get to see two superior beautiful women, doing what you desire the most, taking a shit, and using human livestock as a toilet. We tease him throughout the entire process, to keep him aroused just enough so that he is literally eager to consume our waste.He does it because we demand it. Every shitpot must learn to get aroused by shit, to be obedient, and to adore everything that some merciful Goddess decided to bless him with.

Slow Kv!

Look at how nice and slowly press the shit out of my tight asshole! I’ll keep my dirty hole then still beautiful face so you can lick my hole clean!

Mistress Michelle – The Shit Diver P1

Mistress Michelle use her toilet slave today. He would gladly reach the status of the toilet mouth. Today is another test for the toilet slave to obtain this title. He is waiting under the toilet chair and Mistress Michelle is peeing and shitting into his toilet mouth.