Pooping Hubby Girl

Wrapped Part 5

Girls Uses Man

Toilet Time 28 – 29

Toilet Time with a twist! That’s right! This time in Toilet Time for the first time you’ll get a more erotic sideway view of me as well. I’m still shitting into the regular bathroom toilet as proof that I still know how I promise heheThe first part is my usual view as always (from Toilet Time 28) where you will see SEVERAL Thick, juicy & creamy turds sliding out of my ass. You hear a wet & explosive fart right as the first one slithers out of my asshole and hear me sigh from relieve of taking such a nasty shit for the world to see. I also pee in this one.In the second part (from Toilet Time 29) I’m giving BIRTH to a SERIES of thick & nasty soft turds. Nice sideway view of my hips as I’m sharing the very intimate & private act of a beautiful woman taking a dump with you. Loud farts while I’m shitting & sighing and includes a great view of my shit smeared toilet paper I just wiped my ass with, I know how much you want to lick & taste THAT! xoxo

Have You The Guts To Lick My Diarrhea? (mp4)

In this video Mistress Melissa launches a challenge to all the toilet slaves in the world. Drinking pee is relatively simple. Even getting shit in the mouth – when the poop is solid and coming from a healthy girl – is not so terrible for a true submissive slave. On the contrary licking diarrhea – when the poop is semi liquid and smells in a horrible way… well, you need iron guts indeed! Today Mistress Melissa has a stomachache and liquid diarrhea; so, tell me the truth: do you feel you have the guts to lick all?

Jessy And Diana At The Hotel With Her Private Toilet Slave P2

Her toilet slave has to wait in a bad position of his mistresses which are relaxing and if they not use these special toilet they dont give him any attention. Real Toilet Slavery