Pooping In Brazil

Horny Pissing In The Condom ** Ns Fun **

My little penis is completely in the scrotum in a condom. It was not so easy but now the bubble pushes me and I just let the warm urine run into the rubber with the tail. Hopefully it will not burst – or slip off my limb. Short stop and feel the hot feeling of pissing. My glans feels good – and already continues to urinate. The eggs look in the piss also Mega Geil. Like in the aquarium. Now you play with it.

The Scat Key P2

Now is clear for the toilet slave what awaits him. Lady Lucy Delunatic takes her glove which is smeared with her shit and stuffs him without hesitation into the slave mouth. He should lick it all. It does not seem that taste him well. It is more a torture than a pleasure for him. No matter, Mistress Michelle has to shit now and the key disappears very quickly in the pile of shit. The toilets slave now has the task to find the key. With his tongue he looks for the key in the pile of shit. He has to do this with the nipple clamps which hurt him more and more.

Japanese Porn Star Fuck And Pee 1-4

There is a famous Japanese porno star fucking hard and nice pee.

Vanessa: Where Is The Shit?

Vanessa goes with her slave in a tube to shit in his mount. Not so easy today, piss comes out, she spits but she cant shit. Finally a litlle pice of shit comes out into slaves mouth. if you need a lot of shit this clip is not the one for you but if you like to watch on girls pushing to shit you will be happy.This clip is over 10 years old so dont expect briliant quality.