Pooping In Pants And Panties

Mara And Rosella Fill A Slave Extremely With Piss And Snot Off

And the next toilet slave,the Mara and I, with our piss and spit fill. First, we spit, the slave in his mouth and he had to swallow our snot. Then we pissed the slave in the mouth! For this we squat, one after another, with our wet pussy over the mouth of the slave and piss him extremely in the mouth. That was so much piss that the slave came to his limits. After he had drunk our delicious piss he had to lick our piss pussy clean!

Constipated Mistress!

You can see in her face that is it not easy to push out her constipated shit which needs pushing and pushing to get out. We get the benefit of a double camera to see both ends of the action. We see her grimaced face and her expanding asshole as she finally delivers her shit into the waiting mouth of her crossed-dress slave!


Mary is sexy running shit in her pants;)