Pooping In String

Shitting On Her Tits

Shitting on her tits (JJ000555)

Krass! Guy Pisses Me Into My Pussy!

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I Ate Shit From A Stripper! – Full Movie

This gorgeous slutty stripper has a group of adoring men at her beck and call. She called us into her suite when she was feeling very nasty. She puked all over our pathetic hands and she made us eat it! She scatted on our bodies then she smeared the smelly shit all over our face!

Help Me Slave, I Cant Poop Part 4 Adison

The Girls find out talking about it that secretly most Girls use the Slaves Tounge to trigger the pooping Sensation. They have the Slave put his Tounge in their Anus and then it is just so much easier to poop. English Subtitles