Pooping In Swimsuit

Laxative Tea & Yoga Doesn’t Mix Well!! – Part 3

After cleaning up their shit, she lets them eat each others cunts. She uses her vibrator on them, hoping to squeeze more shit from them.

Lady Joice First Time P3

Now also Lady Joice has crap and looks amused to the toilet slave who tries to swallow again a new portion of fresh shit from another mistress. He can not quickly swallow the second pile of shit. Then Mistress Michelle pees again in the middle of his crap mouth. He swallows the piss and then he tried to swallow the shit of Lady Joice also but it does not work. Lady Joice gives some strokes to the slave with the cane, so that he swallows faster their shit. But he can not swallow it faster and chews only. With the shit in his mouth he must start to build the shelves then.

Plump Lesbian Pissing On Her Tattoo Covered Girlfriend In The Bathroom

Plump lesbian pissing on her tattoo covered girlfriend in the bathroom