Pooping In The Bushes

Tasty Shit Inside My Asshole

Huh, It feel soo good to push out a huge shit… you wanna watch my asshole? I bet you’re the type who gets turned on watching pretty girls shit… 😉 now look … Smelly shit birth out my ass as I moan in pleasure at the feeling–and give you a good look at the inside of my open asshole. You like that, babe? Haha, I know you do, take a good long look inside my anus.😉

Megaeating Shit Torture O_o

Hello to all!) After a long break I decided to please you with a new impressive video!) Eating his tasty and smelly shit after I shit, I got a spoon and started to taste my shit taste) a Lot of saliva and retching, and finally vomiting and smearing shit in my face!) In the video there is relaxing- unobtrusive audio, good video quality and long duration!) All video shot with no glueing and assembling in one shot!) Stay tuned … love you!) PS: the Idea of this video gave me one of my fans, if you also want a unique video with your idea. Write to me, I will consider all requests!)

Queen Sylvy’s Gassy Rear Exits!!

Queen Sinclair is back with Two hot new clips!! Enjoy as she unleashes some new Gassy Toilet clips!! These are some uncensored ones she can’t post anywhere but here on Scatshop!! Enjoy as she begins by Dropping some loud, bowl splashing snakes in the first scene. In the second she begins by shaking that delicious ass of hers before sitting down To Drop a FUNKY, gassy Load. She had a lot of great Grunting and straining!! I lost it listening to the sound of the plops!!

Big Poop For My Slaveboys

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