Pooping Mania

Mistress Luna Drenched Her Toilet In Piss

Again another bdsm and pissing movie with the best Goddess, Mistress Luna ! This time, Mistress Luna want to use her toilet, playing with his cock, spanking him, slapping his cock and balls, facesitting and other kinky things !! She humiliate her toilet boy in her dungeon and at the end, she have a long session while oblige him to smell, lick, suck and drink her piss from a bottle or directly from her pussy ! A nice toilet mvovie with Goddess Luna !

Four Shit Please!

Such an opulent time is rare and is only for experienced gourmets. This slave is one of those gourmets. Immediately 4 ladies serve him directly from the source their fresh caviar.One after another, the mistresses shit in his mouth wide open. The first is the Contessa, followed by Hot Svenja and Rosella. So that he can not say that he remained hungry, he finally shits Kinky Tina in his mouth and serves him an extra large load of piss.What a feast!

Househusband Training! – Part 2

She takes off her panties and squats over his face. She lets out a strong stream of warm piss all over him, drenching him with pee and showing him who the boss is in this marriage!

Mistress Training Slaves All Eat Excrement

Mistress breaking two slaves, making two slaves lick his mistress boots. Eat a mistress of urine and feces