Pooping Masturbation

Relief To Shit

Do you like my shit? Ok…take a look my new clip, how I use the human mouth for natural waste. He loves to eat my smelly nasty shit. This is a crazy insanity.

Goddess Andreea Leather Pants Worshipping And Scat Feeding

Today Goddess Andreea was dressed in her leather pants, pantyhose and bikini….! She just need to use her toilet slave and she order him to worship her body if he want to eat a nice meal in this morning ! She pissing in a ball then shitting directly in his face and mouth.

Cuckold Husband Will Eat My Shit While I Get Fucked

You are my cuckold husband. I announce you that my lover is coming again tonight. As usual you will have to stay in the other room and remain silent. Last time we saw each other it was at his place. You don’t know what happened… Well, he introduced me to anal sex! I was not prepared for this and some poop got on his penis. He really didn’t like it and asked me to clean my asshole before he gets here tonight.Guess who is going to help me clean my asshole? You are! I have to poop right now. You will clean my asshole inside and out after I have pooped. I want you to witness myself pooping. Watch my cute little butthole open up and this smelly surprise come out. I want to start a new chapter in our relationship. From now on you will be my asshole cleaner!Have to poop now! Oh it feels so good! Now lick my asshole clean! Stick your tongue out, lick me up… the inside too! Think about the large cock that will go inside my asshole later tonight! Good!So honey, do you think you are done? Of course not! I know you like to feel the shame and humiliation in our cuckolding relationship. But, don’t you think it has become a norm, a routine? We need to spice things up a little. That’s why I want you to take the shit and piss that I just produced and keep it until tonight. While you will be in the other room hearing me fuck my lover, I want you to eat my shit and drink my piss. That’s right! Not only you can’t fuck your own wife, but you have to eat her shit as well!If you succeed, you will be allowed to come into my room after my lover is done with me. I’m gonna give you the privilege to jerk your little dick in front of me while licking my pussy. Isn’t it a good motivation to eat all my shit up? Oh, I knew you would accept the challenge, my cuckold husband!(Close-up of my poop at the end of the video.)

Caviar Quiz

A new toilet slave has to do a little quiz game with me and Miss Jane. After he got a taste of shit straight from Jane’s ass he should find out the taste what she ate yesterday. While he tries to answer correctly and to swallow shit we torment his ugly body.