Pooping On And

You’re My Toilet Whore

You’re holed up with me, and you’re right where you belong… under my asshole, as I push and let my shit ooze out my ass and fall into your waiting mouth! I tease you before planting my ass down and feeding you all you deserve to eat… and leave you there to chew, swallow and digest my shit, until I come back tomorrow… It’s really no wonder you’re so famished, considering you’re not good enough for people food. Your only meals are my shit! I fill you up again, and you’re finishing off my loads and eating them! I’m impressed, you’re really proving yourself to be a valuable toilet!

My Little Shit Eater

It was a lazy afternoon when I felt the stirring in my bowels and decided it’s time to put my slave’s mouth and tongue to good use. So I first ask him if he is ready to lick my unwashed ass. Of course he is and thanks me for this amazing honor and privilege.I LOVE having my asshole licked when it’s smelly and not clean. Even more when my rectum is full. I made him lick a nice long time and even grabbed him by the back of the neck pushing his face even harder and deeper into my smelly ass cheeks.It feels sooooo good when he tongue fucks my full rectum and the tip of his tongue makes contact with my horrible tasting shit in there! Afterwards I show him exactly how little I think of him as I squat over his face and take a nice big and soft shit right into his worthless mouth. I wipe my dirty asshole afterwards and put the shit smeared toilet paper on the big pile of shit in his mouth.Afterwards I film him up close while mocking him, talking about how nasty it smells. Getting soaking wet from arousal seeing his discomfort as he is laying there with his mouth filled with my disgusting and revolting tasting shit. It always feels so good doing this to him!Please take note that I didn’t do any cuts or editing on the part that I shit in his mouth and spoke to him afterwards as he lays there helpless, this was done for your enjoyment.

Lady In Latex Pissing

I open up my latex catsuit and piss in front of you..and I imagine your mouth is open wide to receive my liquor. (Video without sound)