Pooping On Husband

Sports Girl Crapped In Shorts, Walking And Posing

Alina powerfully crapped in shorts and decided to walk! She joyfully poses, smiles and plays with you. At this moment, her ass is very dirty – all in shit, but Alina does not bother!

Mistress Roberta – Pee And Poop In Caserole And On The Floor-pov

Today i have prepared an caserole for your breakfast i put it on the floor after i pee inside it and i start to poop in the caserole and on the floor because pushing too hard throws half of the shit out and you will eat it just the way it is half of the shit from the caserole in the pee and the rest from the floor where you have aslo some pee to lick clean from the floor.

Boss Eats Sexy Secretary’s Shit!

During office hours, he is the boss in the office; everyone answers to him, especially his hot and pretty secretary. But when all the clients are gone, things turn around and the boss becomes the slave! The secretary uses this time to make him do sick and nasty stuff that he has no choice but to follow. After making him strip down to his briefs, she makes him lie down on the floor so she can squat above his face, sans panties. She pees all over his face and when that’s done, she feeds him morsels of shit that she collected the day before from her toilet bowl. She makes him turn around and pushes his face down on the puddle of pee, drenching his face with warm urine.

Piss-swallowing Queen Rosella In The Student Apartment!

Part 1: A Student apartment had invited me to dirty to stuff my holes. But before me all fucked and inseminated, they wanted me for starters, piss in my greedy bitch mouth. Because they did not want to mess up their apartment, they took me into the bathroom and pissed me there one after another into my mouth. Here in Part 1, fill me the first 3 tails, of a total of 6, piss as of. One of the students, has made this horny, so he sprayed me in my mouth,too!!