Pooping Out Cans

Day-1 Breakfast. From My Mr.

The in the style of BDSM SKAT!Imagine – You are my Master and I eat your poop!General description of the collection: The woman is a toilet slave in a cage, for several days she eats only poop and urine of the Master, the Mistress and their friends. She’s in tight, restrictive clothing, mask and special glasses to almost nothing to see, its movements are limited, she can only see that it peed and pooped, and then reach out to that and to absorb. Its the only task – to drink urine and there is poop!

Horse Back Riding Princess Style I Part 4 Andrea

The Girls just need Amusement. So we had the Idea first we poop into his Mouth, then we move our Butt a little more backward to restrict his Breathing. That makes him Panic and he starts behaving like a Horse.Part 1,2 and 4 are the juciest onesEnglish Subtitles

Scat Mistress Hires Servants To Defecate On Her Food – Full Movie

She sits on the dining table, waiting for her maids to serve her dinner. The servant girl place a bowl of steaming rice in front of her, squats over the rice, and unloads a chunk of smelly scat to go with her meal! She takes a bite of the disgusting meal and nods her approval!

045.3.1 Italian Caviar 1

How italian Mistress use the slave as wc, toilet. Scat video.