Pooping Pants Normal

Eat The Corn…

My roomates are lingering, so I decide to just go in my panties. You can see the glass cup filling up with piss as I piss in my panties and it leaks through. My bladder was full so it’s a lot of piss. I keep pushing and fill my panties with a big pile of shit. It’s hot against my ass. I was extremely desperate to go. I take my panties down and show you the big pile of corn covered shit. I take them off and show you my shitty ass and rosebud. You get close ups of my shit and piss. Wish you were here to have some!

Humiliating My Scat Bitch!

One of my scat bitches asked me to send him my delicious poop so I made a video of me shitting out a hard turd for him. Come and watch as I humiliate him and order him to eat all of my sweet shit, I call him my scat bitch and all kinds of names…turned me on actually! 😉

The Dog Shit Girl

SANDRA in THE DOG-SHIT-GIRL … shitting + pissing her panty in public at a busy street … then she looks for and detects a nice pile of Dog Shit … what makes her Freaky Dreams come true !