Pooping Pantys At Work

Come And Let Your Mouth Piss You Sow – Golden Shower Pure

Come on, you little pig, let me piss you right in your face. Don’t let anything pass and don’t catch it. Then you lick me nice my piss from my nimmersatte pussy clean.

Pumps Pissing

I am outside only dressed in vintage garter and stockings and black heels. My bladder push a bit and so I squad down and piss in my heel and drink out off it. Mmmh so tasty 😉

Sharing My Personal Toilet (nikki Cam)

I have invited two girlfriends to join me for a party, Nasty Khalifa and Anna. I introduce my girlfriends to my toilet, and ask him if he wants to eat from these juicy asses. All he is good for eating our waste, and drinking our pee anyway. My girlfriend find it hilarious that men are this pathetic and eat shit from girls, and drinking their pee. But I explain that they are not men, they are simply just toilets! The good thing is that they are portable so they can be useful wherever you are. You don’t have to go to them, they come to you!Anna start peeing in my personal toilets mouth, and me and Nasty Khalifa watch her fill up his pathetic mouth. Nasty Khalifa wants to use my toilet as well, and I tell the slave to prepare himself and open his mouth. He is after all for our service when we want, and for what we want. She needs to shit and since she had a party last night, it is going to be a lot. My friend fills my slaves mouth with shit while we are laughing, and I command my slave to smear his face with her shit… I command my other slave to come and wipe her ass clean after shitting, while Anna and me are watching, giving him commands and humiliate these pathetic creatures!

Diva Staxxx’s Funky Road Trip!!

Diva Staxxx was on the road to visit family over the weekend. Enjoy a nice mix of public toilet, rest area, and a clip of her blowing up her cousins toilet!!!