Pooping Shiting Anal Sex

Training To Obedient Slaves Step 5: Humiliation

After 4 steps of the slave education follows in the 5th and last part of the slave training in the SM Studio Femdom Empire the absolute humiliation as Ladies Toilet. It is the will of the object to break and educate him to an obedient servant who swallows the divine pee of his mistress Dominatrix Lady Vampira and licks the dirty feet clean. While the submissive sow rolls under Domina Lady Vampira in the piss, he gets the barefoot foot job once again the chance for a cumshot, but fails and is penalized with a strong kick in the balls!

His First Pee!

A user wanted to, try and swallow my yummy pee. It was the first time that he has swallowed piss and that a woman pissed him in his mouth! Well what do you think, has it tasted good to him?

Close, Closer, Closest

There aint not much nearer – have a look from closest view how these chunks widen my rosetta, how they glide out smoothly and hear me pleasantly groaning. Have fun with this quickie!

P – Pee Drinking – 14 – Hq 640×480

HQ 640×480 time 2:44. Toilet slavery. Toiletman will drink all her pee.