Pooping Shitting Toilet Cat

The Queen With Dung On The Slave

The queen pull excrement to the slave on the mouth, and then the slave is finished. The queen with the rubber gloves with dung above the belly of the slave. Let him smell is full of the smell of feces.

Constipated On My Bed!

I’m at home and I feel like I have to poo but when I get on the bed to do a nice show for you guys, the poo just won’t come out! I’m afraid I’m severely constipated!!! I try and try for a few minutes but nothing comes out… :(Not to worry though, I come back the next morning and shit one of my biggest turds this year 🙂 You don’t wanna miss this one!

Human Toilet Drinks Piss And Cleans!

A well trained slave is pushed to the floor and a funnel is placed into his mouth. His mistress fills the funnel with her golden juice and he drinks all before cleaning her private parts with his tongue!