Pooping While Getting F Please

Full Pack For The Pimple Slave

I really like this animal, he can not protect his little balls if we box and kick with full power. Ha, what a fun. 😉 After the loser holds the balls and is completely finished on the ground, we piss in his mouth, he has to drink all and gets some whipping on his balls.

The Scat Dog Education P2

The shit floats in the piss in the dog bowl. The shit-eating dog kneels directly in front of it and gets the instruction of his Scatqueens to eat the shit like a dog from the bowl and drink the piss. Slowly he starts and actually manages to eat everything with a repulsive expression of face. When he thinks everything is ready, Lady Hanna comes back into the room and brings him his dessert. Two fresh sausages still warm, hahaha In harsh words, the slave dog is asked to eat the shit.

Body Stocking Toilet

Mistress Esme uses the toilet in a black body stocking. Listen to