Pooping While Haveing Sex

Princess Mia.she Laughed, Spat Into The Face Of This Loser

She laughed, spat into the face of this loser, while the slave resisted and tried to hide, but no, Mia really wanted to teach this worm. Then she began to choke him with her soft and elastic booty, sat on his face, laughed at him. Then she shitted in the face of a slave and laughed. And then she sat on his chest, spat, shot on the camera and smeared all her shit in the face of the stinking worm.

A Living Toilet And Two Ladies

Miss Jane sits comfortably on a bar stool, talking to Miss Jane while her high heels are licked clean by the slave. His job is not yet done, because both girls must go urgently. Of course the slave only there to open its mouth. Cherie pisses repeatedly in his face and Miss Jane craps him two times in the mouth. The slave does his best and swallows everything, before he even cleans the floor with his tongue.

Shit And Pee As Unique Dish

Dear Shitty Slave, no one knows you better than me. I know what you want from me, and I also know that you are a glutton. Here I am to prepare a nice recipe that provides a certain amount of shit mixed with my precious golden nectar. Et, voila’: the mash for the dog now is ready. Do you enjoy an unique dish? Do you like piss and shit mixed together?