Pooping While Jerking

Shit Briefs And Pack

I was walking in the park. Really, I want shit. I went home, but the toilet is closed. I take my cotton panties off and start shitting right into the bag on the chair. I feel better.My stomach is full of shit. I want to get rid of it. I can not stand it any longer. My toilet is closed. I’m starting to shit right into their new white shorts. With my ass and shit, to be a powerful current. I’m fine I’m satisfied with the result. Good Appetite.

The Very Very Big Sausage Must Out

I have four days not shitting…..ah the shit is so so big and long!! I liyng on the couch and he comes a so big sausage on my rosette…..6 cm thick and 22 cm long shit from a hot curvy blonde Mistress,come and eat Slave!! you can see the sausage so near at the end!!

Dominant Mistress Instructs: Eat My Caviar

When my dominant side prevails,I love to be the mistress and abusing you as a slave!! My caviar Slave…..Come eat all the caviar,otherwise you will feel my High Heels there wobes hurts!! I sit on my Toilettbox,then i shit a very thick sausage,my asshole stretched so much!!Come Looser,give my a Gift,now!!

Hot Chair And Hot Poop Part 2

Girls uses Man