Pooping While Twerking

Mistress Gaia – Slave’s Feeding

ITALIAN SPOKENIt’s time to feed my slave. I locked him in the small cage yesterday evening, when I went out for dinner with my friends. He spent the night there and now he is hungry. But his Mistress is going to take care of his needs; and he is a lucky slave: he is going to eat the same food that I ate yesterday. I have kept it for him in my belly and now he is going to receive it directly from my ass. No need to allow him out of his cage, I make him take out just his head, I posision on the table and I order him to open his mouth. Soon the pieces of shit start coming out from my ass and fall directly in his mouth. He is a good slave and he begins chewing and swallowing. Piece after piece, I keep him busy; he has to eat everything, even the smallest droplets. When he’s finished, he goes back in his cage. THIS IS A NEW, EXCEPTIONAL VIDEO OF MISTRESS GAIA. TRUE SHIT AND A TRUE SHIT-EATER SLAVE. NICE CLOSE-UPS OF MISTRESS’ ASS AND SLAVE’S MOUTH. DON¬íT MISS IT!!!

Nurse Feeds Her Patient With Feces! – Part 2

The nurse continues giving the man a handjob! When he took too long to cum, she takes a short rest in the form of sitting on his face! She then orders the victim to lick her asshole clean! When she gets contented, she gets off of him and then continues with concentrating on stroking his penis back and forth! The only time she stops is after he reaches orgasm and shoots his load!

From The Vaults!! Ayanna’s Quick Outburst!!

This is a classic one from my old store never posted here on Scatshop!! Enjoy as one of my alltime favorites has a quick overhead burst! Some Great Grunting and Straining as well!

Shitty Diapers Before The Party

We’re getting ready for a party but my girl friend has a bad stomach. Somehow she convinces me that if we put on a diaper and do some big squishy poo’s in to them, that her stomach might stop hurting.We both shit our diapers so much! The room stinks with a mixture of her shit and mine, but we’re not at all bothered. My pussy is so excited and my girlfriend has that look in her eye!We then had the most sexy time, playing with ourselves and each other, and wiping our shit on to each other!Looking back, I dont think my GF had a bad stomach at all!