Pooping Witout Wipping

Dream Has Become A Reality!

Dream has become a reality or kiss my feet and eat my shit! All his life he dreamed that a group of girls would constantly use him in the most vile way! This is the most disgusting and terrible (it is unimaginable – you need to be there and feel the smell, and these tastes break the taste buds of your tongue! But you need to feel it yourself – only then you will know what it is!) – Several times a week a group of girls uses your mouth as your personal toilet. They laugh at him, they despise him. For girls, he is not a man and they can not treat him as a man. His mouth is not the mouth of a person – it is a hole in the toilet! All girls have different tastes and smells, a live toilet takes it in itself, feeling tastes and smells by 1000%! It is impossible to love! – You can eat female shit at least 1000 times, but every time it will be a terrible shock for you, but you should always swallow and you should not experience gag reflexes – your feelings should not be shown to girls – you should endure and not annoy girls!

Drowning In Shit And Cum

ncredible new video commissioned by one of the users of the site!) Messy Blowjob with HUGE amount of juicy shit in my mouth) that’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for!) I pile on a huge pile of shit his hand and put in mouth, sucking cock of my husband who Fucks me in the fuckin hole in my mouth, and then juicy cum in my face and shit!) As always, low prices and amazing quality!) Unfortunately this time without editing, and soundtrack. Only the sounds of what is happening!)

Slave Endures Puke, Piss & Shit Galore! – Part 1

She wraps him in plastic covering to train his lungs to take whatever level of shit, piss, and puke that will be dumped on his face and body. After prepping his lungs for assault, she shoves her fingers down her throat and ejects massive puke from it and straight to his waiting face and body!