Poopng And Eating

Le Di Shitting

Le Di’s mistress ate a lot of food last night, then she got up in the morning and began to slait the excrement to the slave.

Mistress Roberta -double Portion Of Diarrhea For Breakfast-pov

Today i took my red wet look pants and i give you front and back look so you can kiss them on both sides i remove them a bit only under my ass so i can uncover the ass and be ablo to prepare you breakfast i put my legs in the air spread the ass cheeks with my hands and start to poop an nice big load of shit pushing it out like an fountain and after that farting a bit and my ass hole is very smeard so i give it to you to lick it clean and after i show you the double portion of diarrhea i have did for your breakfast so enjoy!


Policewoman is snasty messy shitting ,peeig and soles teasing you!

Mia Gives Rieke A Good Treatment

with lots of piss and shit. Massive swallowing and smear. They love it!