Poopping Pants

Japanese Femdom Scat 11.

Three sexy, sadistic, and perverted Japanese Females using there male slave as a toilet !! The clip starts with one of the Japanese Mistresses using a dental dam to the pathetic males mouth wide open, to use as there toilet, the slave is unable to move as each sadistic Mistress whips and abuses the slave, this is followed by multiple scenes of the perverted Japanese Mistresses taking turns pissing and shitting into the toilet slaves wide open mouth !! until his mouth is full of shit, as he is to eat some of it, the stinking shit is smeared all over his face and body !! one very attractive Mistress, pukes up over the pathetic slaves shit filled mouth !! very fucking nasty and extreme clip !!

Mistress Anita Filling Toilet Mouth With Her Golden Piss

Mistress Anita is back on videos ! She is a gorgeous Romanian Domme and she love to have many slaves at disposal. She also use them as full toilets, whenever she want that ! Today she strapon fuck her slave and give him her fresh champagne, as reward.

Toilet Slave Under The Bed Part 4

Here Diana has has a Toilet Slave hidden under the Bed and pulls him partially out, when his Service is needed. Part 4 is Gabi’s Turn to poop into the Slave. English Subtitles