Poops Spy Cam

Mistress Antonella Prepares A Lunch-box With Caviar And Champagne For Her Slave

Mistress Antonella will prepare to her slave, a lunch-box with a lollipop, caviar, champagne and chocolate.She is so pretty with her black top and short skirt, black stockings and black stiletto high heels. Her slave is lying on the ground, he is naked, wearing only a black mask.Mistress Antonella put a lunch-box on the face of her slave, she excites her slave by lascivious dancing, then she gives to her slave a lollipop and farts to him. After that, she uses the human toilet chair in order to fulfil the lunch-box with her caviar, so nice view of her caviar coming directly from her goddess ass into the lunch-box. She fills a glass of champagne coming directly from her own source. She dips the lollipop into her own chocolate in order to give to her slave a good dessert to suck.

A Living Female Toilet, Swallowing Shit. Close-up

A real toilet slave is obliged to swallow a girl’s shit, as she swallows a delicious nectar! At the moment of swallowing, he has no other thoughts, except that now he performs the most important job of eating shit – a girl should not experience discomfort during the defecation – this is the main thing for the toilet slave!

Fresh Shit For Breakfast

Why do you want to come at my place for breakfast and dinner with my shit and yogurt?I’ll show you how delicious taste of the times.