Porbo Pissyng

My Best Shits 2

Did you enjoy the first “My Best Shits”? Then you’ll enjoy “My Best Shits 2” even more! I take only the best shitting action from most of my old clips and combined them in one long clip. So the whole clip is just clips of me taking one big shit after another.I have taken all the best & huge shits from Broken Toilet 8, 9 and 10 for this clip. From the deep ass licking performed on me as well as the massive shit I took in my slave’s mouth in Broken Toilet 8 to the huge soft shit explosion I had in his mouth in the bathtub taken from Broken Toilet 9 right up to the huge shit swallowing scenes from my other best seller Broken Toilet 10.If you would love to see all these scenes in one clip without the whole “story lines” then you should buy this one because in “My Best Shits 2” it’s the best of both worlds 😉 You know the saying “Put your money where your mouth is” Well I say: “I put my asshole where my slave’s mouth is” 🙂

The Sound Of The Toilet! I Love To Complain !!

Morning heap, I have to hurry because once a jade to work! I do bought and writes text messages with a friend! like myself to write text messages about how we bought!We share our impressions !!

Diamond’s Diarrhea Discharge!!

Diamond Keeps it Funky in her Pooping Premiere!! Enjoy as she spreads nice and wide to Shit out this mudbutt in a trashbag. It was a nice mudslide coming out that ass in this clip. Diamond is my newwest addition, but she has already moved to the head of the class with her clips! OMG I can just imagine how that smelled!! One day smell-o-vision