Pou Pee Russe

Mistress Gaia – Moncler Slave Wc

CUSTOM REQUEST My wc slave has a real passion for his down jacket, Moncler … so he begged to be allowed to wear at least once, while performing his daily task, for which he knows to be born: eat my shit. Occasionally, I try to be good with him, and so, this time I meet his pray.

Mistress Roberta – Mix Compilation 5

One of our best Romanian Scat Goddess you saw her and will see her from now in our toilet movies. When she have something in her mind, the toilets are destroyed ! Her shit is sacred and she is a Scat Goddess who can produce big amounts of turds and shit. In her movies (in this compilations you will find all her movies from our studio – only scat part, movies not find in the part 1 to 4) she wanna be sure that her shit is not wasted and her personal toilet is trained enough to can swallow. Buy this compilation and see her in action in different 4 other movies who are not included in her first 4 mix compilations. She promise to produce more movies, movies with our toilet slaves ! Another great compilation you must have it, worth it !

Lil Stink’s Quick And Clean Return!!

Another of my favorite, now rarely seen Booties is back in the mix this month!! Lil Stink just popped in with two quickies!! A nice treat for old fans and a reintroduction for those that missed out!! Enjoy these two upclose straight from the Browneye express quickies for one low low price!! Hopefully she will make even more (lord knows I’ve been pushing her) but it’s a nice treat from one of the ORIGINAL Funky Ladies and one of my all-time top sellers