Pov Pissed On

Xxxl Pee Party

What happens when 5 crazy chickens together a wellness weekend plan and together in the geile wellness hotel drive? Of course nothing good, because we finally have a reputation to lose * laugh * …. So off into the pool area and 4 full bubbles to be emptied. Every X stands for a pissing cunt and each of my girls has taken the trouble to use the swallowing Rosella. But of course, most of the yellow juice came from your Tina again. My piss was something of yellow, you will be amazed when you see this. And if you would like to taste our sparkling then please contact me. Because my pissfreudigen girlfriends Anny, Holly and Patti will surely spoil you!

Fujiko 3 In 1

Once from the front and twice from the back, pooping at home!

Shitting Bricks

A very nice close up of miles of shit coming out


Silvia is sniffing toilet;)